Location: The Waterside 雅濤居
Size: 696sqft


Scandinavian style designs is getting more recognized amount interior design genre in recent year. Mapout, as a Hong Kong based interior studio, are keep digging new elements from Scandinavian style in order to enrich our design and hopefully transform them to suit HongKongers preference.

The house owner is a camera enthusiast and collectors, therefore we decided to leave a little camera display area between the hallway and the daughter's room. A display cabinet as a showcase for the camera collections on the outside while a storage area for the daughter inside. A piece of glass window used here to create sharing view as it allow the parent to watch their daughter while they are in the living room since the daughter is still an infant. (A slide down curtains also installed inside to provide privacy when she growth up) It also allow day light to get though and brighten up the hallway, in the mean time, showcase the magnificent sea view from the daughter room.

As for the master room and master washroom, in order to gain more space for the use of storage, we had removed part of the daughter room’s wall and introduce two sets of in-wall full height cabinet, which also help to decrease the use of extra cabinets in both room while enlarging the sense of space between them.

Last but not lease, a bold use of grey wooden floor and marble hexagon tiles become a eye catching focus which extended all the way from the entrance and open kitchen to a few step into the living room, so the entrance looks wider and brighter with a slip of Scandinavian touch. Though it’s has been a complex workflow here, but the result is marvellous.

Once again, Thank you Login & Ceci, it’s always a pleasure to work and design for friends.



最後想介紹玄關位置,把地磚和木地板MIX AND MATCH無疑是這單位設計焦點,我們運用雲石紋地磚拼湊灰色木地板,做法比較複雜但用色簡潔,而雲石紋地磚伸延至開放式廚房內,令原本走廊式的玄關變得開揚和光猛,更有一點設計的玩味。

多謝Login & Ceci,能為朋友設計是一件快樂的事。

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