YOHO生活 : 窗邊的工作與休閒新體驗
YOHO Living: A Fresh Experience of Work and Leisure by the Window.

YOHO生活 : 窗邊的工作與休閒新體驗
這是位於 Grand YOHO 的一個裝修單位,是一個很愉快的合作經驗,兩位屋主是醫護界朋友,繁忙的工作之下可以會面商議設計的時間有限,但他們很會放手,記憶中只經過幾次會面,就完成了工程項目,出來的效果也使大家感到滿意。


一. 我們選用圓枱,這樣可以善用客飯廳之間的空間,而行動路綫亦會比較順暢;

二. 我們把廚房的地磚伸延到飯廳及玄關位置,令人感到廚房和飯廳處於同一空間;

三. 餐枱旁我們選用了一支特色吊燈(Pilke 36 Pendant),並配上一幅智能藝術畫框(NETGEAR Meural / 可更改圖畫的智能畫框),這個組合成為了客飯廳的焦點。




YOHO Living: A Fresh Experience of Work and Leisure by the Window.

Explore the Grand YOHO apartment, a pleasant journey to work. A pair of customers both work in the medical profession, and with busy daily life, they have limited time to meet and discuss the design. Fortunately, they give us freedom on the design and are willing to let go. We completed the project after several meetings, and they loved the result very much.

Minimalism is our central theme: keeping the living space simple and uncluttered, with fewer things but looking warm and welcoming.We made two significant changes to the layout plan. To start with the kitchen, we removed the kitchen wall, changed it to an open kitchen, and released the dining room space. We add the following details to the design for this typical layout with a long living room and short dining room.

1. Choosing a round table, we can make good use of the space between the living and dining rooms;

2. Using the same type of tiles for the kitchen, dining room and the porch, it feels that the kitchen and the dining room are in the same space;

3. Adding a chandelier (Pilke 36 Pendant) and a smart frame (NETGEAR Meural) next to the dining table, the living and dining room a new focus.

Another significant change is to convert the three-bedroom layout to a two-bedroom layout. The room next to the living room is tentatively designated as a multi-purpose room. It can be converted to a children’s room if necessary. Using a double barn door design, we can make good use of the space in the long corridor.

While having only two bedrooms, the master bedroom becomes more spacious. To make the design more coherent, we merge the two separate windowsills into a window writing desk. At each end of the desk, there are two pendant lights. Jessica and Jason can have their own private place for entertainment, study, work, makeup, etc.We chose a light wood colour for the desk to provide a warm and harmonious vibe. At the same time, the windowsills can be hidden, and the master room looks more spacious.Other design elements have been shared in other articles so we won’t repeat them here. If you are interested, please refer to our portfolio.

Finally, I thank client for their trust and referral. I wish you all the best.

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