兒童學習與遊戲的家居設計 : 色彩與功能的結合
Home Design for Children’s Learning & Play : Integrating Color and Function

兒童學習與遊戲的家居設計 : 色彩與功能的結合


在空間布局上,我重新設計了原本的雜物房,使其成為孩子的房間,並加入了一張有旋轉樓梯的上下鋪床。我還特意放大了孩子房間的門,並選擇了Barn Door,這樣一來,當門打開時,房間和走廊就能融為一體。走廊上的大黑板也是孩子們學習的好地方。



Home Design for Children’s Learning & Play : Integrating Color and Function
When I began designing this unit, the homeowners’ lively children, Leo and Marcus, immediately came to mind (with their soon-to-be-born sister still in the womb). Their vibrant personalities inspired a colorful design vision. I started with a Scandinavian style as the foundation, gradually infusing it with layers of color.

For instance, I incorporated a pink Muuto pendant light to resonate with the kitchen cabinets, and selected a lake-green shoe cabinet to complement the TV feature wall. Beside the dining table, two vivid abstract paintings and designer chairs were added, creating a kaleidoscope of hues. However, I was careful with color choices to maintain harmony and avoid clutter.

In terms of spatial layout, I redesigned the original storage room to be part of the children’s room, introducing a bunk bed with a spiral staircase to balance the space. I deliberately enlarged the door to the children’s room, opting for a Barn Door. When opened, it seamlessly merges the room with the corridor. The large chalkboard in the hallway serves as an excellent learning spot for the kids.

Lastly, I’d like to express my gratitude to Ah Wen and Alan for their trust, allowing me to complete a design I’m truly fond of.

Wishing you all joy in life and may the children grow up healthy and happy!

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