“Transitional Style” Interior Design : Merging Classic and Contemporary


“Transitional Style” Interior Design : Merging Classic and Contemporary
We’re deeply honored to have been entrusted with designing the new residence for the Lee family. Throughout this design journey, the Lees celebrated the arrival of their baby girl, adding even more joy and vibrancy to their home.

For this project, we elegantly merged traditional and contemporary elements to create a unique ‘transitional style’. While this style often conjures up images of cool grays, we chose a warm palette, aiming for a space that blends the sophisticated allure of the classical with the sleekness of the modern.

The living area boasts a feature wall adorned with marble, subtly delineating the dining from the living room, enhancing its luxury quotient. Rose gold lighting fixtures, coupled with intricately patterned carpets and drapes, sketch out an ambience that’s both classy and contemporary. The kitchen’s unique patterned tiles become another visual highlight. The children’s rooms are lively, infused with a Nordic spirit. Varied house-shaped designs, found in wardrobes, toy cabinets, and magnetic chalkboards, tie the spaces together, painting a picture of a delightful, playful village.

We’re profoundly grateful to Mr. and Mrs. Lee for their trust and collaboration during this endeavor. We hope that their children find joy, health, and growth in this nurturing home.

Lastly, as we usher in the New Year, we wish everyone abundant happiness, prosperity, and good health!

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