北歐風格在維景灣畔 : Mutina牆磚之美
Scandinavian Style at Ocean Shores : The Beauty of Mutina Wall Tiles


北歐風格在維景灣畔 : Mutina牆磚之美




Scandinavian Style at Ocean Shores : The Beauty of Mutina Wall Tiles
Located in Ocean Shores, this 646 sqft unit presented us with a fresh design challenge. Not only is the unit strategically positioned, but it also boasts a breathtaking sea view. Against such a backdrop, our aim was to craft a modern yet cozy living space that seamlessly integrates with the surrounding natural environment.

In our design approach, we placed significant emphasis on spatial reconfiguration. The original three-bedroom layout was ingeniously transformed into a two-bedroom setup. By narrowing the hallway, we managed to expand the space of both bathrooms. A highlight of our design is the multifunctional cabinet unit that serves as a divider between the master bedroom and the study. This unit doubles up as a wardrobe, vanity, storage, and TV wall, maximizing storage without compromising on the sense of openness.

Stylistically, we leaned towards a Nordic minimalist style tailored for Hong Kong residents. We specifically incorporated Mutina’s colored tiles in the kitchen as a design focal point, emphasizing the intricate material texture and the beauty of simplicity.

A big thank you to Joanne and Kenny for their trust. Wishing you both a delightful life ahead!


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