Space Transformation in Wan Chai’s Old-Style Unit: Harmonious Designs for Family and Pets




感謝Ball & Miffy的信任,希望這個家能見證孩子們的快樂成長。

Space Transformation in Wan Chai’s Old-Style Unit: Harmonious Designs for Family and Pets
Nestled in Wan Chai, this 614 sqft unit is home to a lively family of five, accompanied by two dogs and a cat. The primary challenge was, “How do we partition this space?” ensuring that the needs of every member, both human and pet, are catered to. Fortunately, the old-style layout of the unit allowed us to tear down all the walls and re-envision the entire space. Through meticulous planning, we managed to optimize every inch, catering to the diverse needs of the household.

While the project had multiple design considerations, we never lost sight of the overarching aesthetic. After deliberation, we settled on a transitional style: grounding ourselves in European classical design, then infusing elements of Nordic and industrial styles to strike a modern balance.

Curved elements became a cohesive theme throughout the design. From the living room’s decorative cabinet, the light troughs, to the bathroom’s shower screen, the curves subtly concealed wall corners, enhancing the flow and openness of the space. Post-renovation, the living and dining areas were inherently asymmetrical. However, the curved glass decorative cabinet in the living room, complemented by strategic lighting, harmoniously balanced the asymmetrical zones.

A heartfelt thanks to Ball & Miffy for their trust. Here’s to a home where the little ones can joyfully grow and thrive.

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