Simplicity Meets Elegance: Mixing Style in Bellagio


這單位運用了混搭風格 Mixing Style 的設計,設計原意是以簡單的古典風格混搭一些工業風原素,希望做到有型格得來亦有一點優雅。該單位由客飯廳到書房再到主人房,既沒有主力牆,亦沒有奇怪的陣位,所以我們把書房的地台升了一級,再以一間玻璃屋連電視牆的設計,希望可以做到視覺共享,增加客飯廳及書房的視覺空間;我們用一個全高櫃分隔開主人房和書房,更有效運用兩房的空間;客廳則做了坐墊,跟梳化成L型擺放,營造一個適合朋友聯誼傾計的好地方。

每次分享完工作品時,我既感開心亦感煩惱,開心的是因為得到客人信任,在設計及工程完成後,還願意借屋給我作宣傳拍攝;煩惱的是應從何介紹這個作品呢?有關室內設計,很多時候一看圖就懂,說過了的我又不想重複太多,有留意開我們作品的朋友,大概都對我們的設計有譜(不經不覺 MapOut 已踏入第8個年頭),今次的設計簡介我就寫簡單一點,試試多說一點其他的吧!

對我來說寫文較設計更有難度,但只發表完工照片,好像有點冰冷,只好硬着頭皮加一些文字,分享一下感受,為 MapOut 增添一點「人味」。現在很多東西變得機械化,雖然沒有錯很完美,但就是少了一些「人味」。

也因為此原因,我們從來不用3D rendering的圖作宣傳,反而取用全實境拍攝的相片,因為我們心知完工後不可能做到3D rendering出來的完美(真實的東西來得更有感覺), 所以我們只用3D rendering 去協助設計過程中的一部份,而不是完工作品。



Rosa & Peter 祝你們生活愉快,God Bless you!

Simplicity Meets Elegance: Mixing Style in Bellagio
This project boasts a sophisticated Mixing Style design that blends the simplicity of classical elements with a touch of industrial flair to create a stylish and elegant space. The living room, study room, and master bedroom are free from main walls and awkward layouts, allowing for a more open and visually connected space. I elevate the study room and transform it into a glass room, complete with a TV wall, ensuring that the visual space of the living room and study room is maximized. A full-height cabinet separates the master bedroom and study room, maximizing space in both rooms. The living room features a stylish L-shaped sofa and seating area, making it the perfect place to entertain guests and create memories with friends.

Every time I share my work, I feel both delighted and worried. I’m thrilled because I’ve earned my client’s trust, and they’re willing to let me use their homes for promotional photos after the design and construction are complete. But I’m also puzzled as to how to introduce the work. When it comes to interior design, a picture is often worth a thousand words, and I want to avoid repeating myself too much. For those following us, you probably already know about our designs (MapOut has now entered its 8th year!). So, for this design brief, I’ll keep it simple and try to share some other thoughts!

For me, writing is more challenging than design. Just posting finished photos seems impersonal, so I have to bite the bullet and add some words to share my feelings and add a touch of humanity to MapOut. Nowadays, many things have become mechanized. Although it is not wrong to pursue perfection, we have lost some of the human touches.

That’s why we never use 3D rendering images for promotion. Instead, we use real-life photos because we know it’s impossible to achieve the same level of perfection as a 3D rendering after completion. Real things have a more genuine feeling. So we only use 3D rendering to assist in the design process, not for the finished work.

When I see imperfections in the finished photos, if there are feelings, I tend to ignore the flaws and share them anyway because feelings are more important than theories. But honesty is hard to notice. So let me take this opportunity to express myself.

I don’t know how many people still take the time to read crafted writing, but that does not border me. As long as it doesn’t feel forced, that’s all that matters. When I met the couple, Rosa & Peter, I realized the value of well-crafted writing. They are both teaching the Chinese language.  During our first meeting, they told me that the reason they chose me was because of my written introduction!?  I am grateful to them for letting me know that my efforts have not gone to waste. We became friends after the project was completed, which was an exciting experience.

Rosa & Peter, I wish you a happy life, and may God bless you!

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