Aesthetics and Functionality Combined: A Scandinavian Choice for Prima Villa



另一個亮點是我們如何善用窗戶空間。三角形的窗戶枱位置被改造成坐位,不僅增加了儲物空間,當有朋友探訪時,還可以L型坐著聊天。主人房的設計考慮了儲物需要,地台被升高,成為主要的儲物空間。至於廚房,我們選用了mutina tex系列的藍色花磚,不僅增添了美觀,還提升了細節感。



Aesthetics and Functionality Combined: A Scandinavian Choice for Prima Villa

In the bustling city of Hong Kong, the hectic pace of the medical profession is well-known. Three years ago, a couple living near Prince of Wales Hospital in Prima Villa decided to undergo an interior design makeover for their home. However, for various reasons, they weren’t able to complete the photo shoot of the finished design at that time. Now, post-pandemic, they have approached me once again to discuss a new design for their house, while also hoping to complete the unfinished task from before.

Firstly, it’s worth mentioning that they’ve taken great care in maintenance. Even though the design is three years old, it still looks as fresh as new. Looking at the intricacies of the interior, the design style leans towards Scandinavian, primarily blending light gray with white, complemented by pale wood grain. Given the limited space of the unit, we paid considerable attention to space utilization. Full-height shoe cabinets, a dining table, a sofa, and a television are cleverly aligned in a row, saving space without compromising aesthetics. Moreover, the TV cabinet is ingeniously hidden within a multifunctional storage cabinet, truly embodying the concept of multi-use from a single piece.

Another highlight is our smart use of window space. The triangular window sill has been transformed into seating, not only increasing storage space but also providing an L-shaped seating area for guests to chat. The master bedroom design considered storage needs, raising the floor to serve as the primary storage space. As for the kitchen, we opted for blue tiles from the mutina tex series, which not only enhances the beauty but also emphasizes attention to detail.

Upon concluding this shoot, we were all very satisfied. The couple can use these photos for property selling promotion, and I can further advertise my interior design services. Such collaborations are indeed delightful.

In conclusion, from this collaboration, we’ve learned a crucial lesson: Sometimes, time is the best testament. A good design, even when tested by time, can remain evergreen.

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